zondag 5 september 2010

So many to choose

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I just wanted to let you know that I am not dead. The reason why I haven't post for so long is school.Tomorrow is my second "real" school week going to start. So I had to get used to the whole getting up early and going to school thing. So my first senior year at school is started. In my first week I really didn't felt as a senior at all. Because they are reconstructing the school and alot of things were changed. So I had no idea where to go. And beacuse we also haven't any lockers yet my bag was heavy and full. So I felt more as a freshmen! At the end of the week it was better but it helps if i wear my heels haha.

A pair of brouges are at the top of my wishlist. I want a pair so badly. It is so perfect with the menswear inspired trend. But also very nice with a girly dress. A purple of blue pair is very cool but I think I will go for a grey with black pair. Because it's easier to match.

dinsdag 17 augustus 2010


I seriously can't wait for season 4! The trailer is looking good and original. I did liked season three but I thought the first and second season were just more fun. I think I just had to get used to the whole university thing dat made it for me diffrent. What you can see from the clothes in the trailer looks perfect. The styling in season three was nice but I was dissapointed by how Blair looked. But I think that also has to do with the university thing. Because she wasn't going to high school anymore so she had to dress a bit diffrent, I guess?

And what was going on with Jenny in season three? By season two I thought ok she is having a teenager crisis or something. But in season three I just hated her. I do am annoyed with the fact that Georgina is returning back for the third time in season four. Just because it's the third time. The second time was alright but the third time come on! And I don't think she is such an interesting character anyway. I also was having some troubels with Vanessa in season three. It was very shitty how she did to Dan about the writing thing. I mean she knew like nobody else how important that is to him. I do hope Chuck and Blair will get back together! And I am so happy that Chuck didn't died at the end of season three or something. Gossip Girl without Chuck Bass wouldn't be the same! Except for the clothes, the drama, the parties and the characters I like it so much because Ed Westwick is in it. Because he is just so......

Yesterday I watched the first two episodes of Pretty Little Liars. I think it is pretty good. You can't compare it with Gossip Girl that's for sure. But i like it, it was girly but mysterious and trilling.

zaterdag 7 augustus 2010

Fall Must Haves

I do like summer but the last two weeks I am fantasisng about my upcoming fall looks and wardobe. I really like the Topshop fall collection. Because it really shows how I imagine my fall wardrobe should look like: big knits, camel, capes, soft pink, sheer blouses and cosy coats. Tapered trousers, peter pan collars and a pair of brouges are now at the top of my wishlist. Well I already found a nice black tapered trouser at Zara last thursday. I am dreaming how that would look like with a sheer blouse and a nice pair black/white/grey pair brouges. I am ready for fall shopping! What's your favorite trend for this fall? I love the menswear inspired trend.

maandag 2 augustus 2010

Wreck This Journal #2

Collect fruit stickers here: I have drawn the banana and then I started collecting.

Glue random items here: This is harder than you would think but I think I did a good job. I even succeeded with using some color. ;)

Write or draw with your left hand: Well I can't draw good with my left hand. But I thought it was fun to make a drawing in "toddler" style. So I used the fingers of my left hand.

Scribble widley: Just scribbling and coloring.

Fill this page with circles.

Trace your hand.
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zaterdag 31 juli 2010


Now I have the SATC DVD box (it's my new bible). I also added the movie books to complete my SATC collection. And the books are actually really great. There a good quality photos of every single outfit and with de idea and vision behind the outfit. And a lot of other fun facts. If you are a fan I would really recommend it and it's a good price too. I have bought my books at bol.com.

vrijdag 23 juli 2010

Summer vs. Fall

Fall always works better for me when it's about dressing. It's probaly because you can wear layers and I think you can do so much with layers. And in Summer it's mostly too hot. But this Summer I do have al lot of nice pieces.

Yesterday I went to a friend. So I couldn't wear my 3/4 pants I alway were when I am at home and it's hot. So I decided to use some of those nice pieces. I came with this simple but cute outfit. There isn't a lot going on but the back of the top surprises you. I paired it with a easy short and a cute bag.

woensdag 21 juli 2010

Bonjour, I am back from France. It was great, it was so beautiful there almost indescribable. And now I have still a couple weeks fulled with vacation fun ahead of me. Below are some vacation shots from France I made with my new camera.

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vrijdag 2 juli 2010


I haven't post a lot thes days, I know. But I was busy with enjoying my summer vacation and celebrating my b'day. I turned fifteen last tuesday. And I didn't even metioned it, shame on me! I got a new camera ( Canon G11), the limited Sex and the City box, the Carrie diaries and some other stuff and money. I will show it later. I have seen satc already two/three times. But I can't get enough of it. So this summer I am watching it again ( disk three, season two).

Tonight I am going on vacation. So there won't be posts for more than two weeks. I feel a bit stuppid that I haven't post for so long and now I am telling you that there still won't be posts for more than two weeks. But I promise that when I am back I will go back to my old blog rhythm

donderdag 17 juni 2010

Love is everywhere you are

I had my last two tests today, so hello summer vacation! I only have to go to school for my tests results. I thought it was time for a inspiration post. And summer, flowers, dreamy, sun, sweet, pastel colours, are the things dat inspire me at the moment.

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vrijdag 11 juni 2010


I am already finished with four tests still seven more to go next week. But I have some time to blog today. My latest obsession, style crush, icon is Whitney Port. I always have liked her in The Hills and I even like her more in The City. Se haves such a cool style and I love her natural make-up look. I just thinks she is a cool sweet girl. And this week I found her own blog. It's about her life, ofcourse about the city, her line and events she went to. It's pretty personel so you get to know her a bit more. And every week she post her press clippings. This week she posted a article where here apartment is featerd. I just had to show it to you it's so Whintney, love it. I should def take a look at her blog: whitneyport.celebuzz.com