dinsdag 17 augustus 2010


I seriously can't wait for season 4! The trailer is looking good and original. I did liked season three but I thought the first and second season were just more fun. I think I just had to get used to the whole university thing dat made it for me diffrent. What you can see from the clothes in the trailer looks perfect. The styling in season three was nice but I was dissapointed by how Blair looked. But I think that also has to do with the university thing. Because she wasn't going to high school anymore so she had to dress a bit diffrent, I guess?

And what was going on with Jenny in season three? By season two I thought ok she is having a teenager crisis or something. But in season three I just hated her. I do am annoyed with the fact that Georgina is returning back for the third time in season four. Just because it's the third time. The second time was alright but the third time come on! And I don't think she is such an interesting character anyway. I also was having some troubels with Vanessa in season three. It was very shitty how she did to Dan about the writing thing. I mean she knew like nobody else how important that is to him. I do hope Chuck and Blair will get back together! And I am so happy that Chuck didn't died at the end of season three or something. Gossip Girl without Chuck Bass wouldn't be the same! Except for the clothes, the drama, the parties and the characters I like it so much because Ed Westwick is in it. Because he is just so......

Yesterday I watched the first two episodes of Pretty Little Liars. I think it is pretty good. You can't compare it with Gossip Girl that's for sure. But i like it, it was girly but mysterious and trilling.

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