donderdag 22 april 2010

Style Book #1

I haven't post for more than a week. I know it is way too long. But everything is going so fast. Monday I am going on a work week thing with school. I will be four days at a boat. And than I have one week vacation. I am going to London!!!!! Can't wait. So there won't be a lot of posts. But when I am back I will post al lot ;) So that was my how's life update. But anyway I thougt I show you guys some pages of my style book. It's just a book of self made collages from pages out magazines. I am also really busy with wrecking my journal. it is so much fun to do. How longer you are doinig it how more ideas you get. I will show you some pages out my wtj soon.

Ph: my own scans and collages

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